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All About Us

Our Story

The Esimaje Foundation, Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization, seeks to reach out through the cracks, to people in society. We focus on capacity building through our multiple programme for boys, young men and fathers helping them acquire positive life ,leadership and parenting skills. We offer counselling, access to high quality educational opportunities ,mentoring and financial support service, which are provided free of cost to all our participants.  Over the last few years we have  worked with young men in communities in Trinidad, including Morvant, Belle Vue/ Dibe,  Cocorite, Pinto Road, La Romaine, Basilon, Gonzales and Tobago.  


Vision: Empowering today’s boys and men to become responsible men.

Tagline: Better Boys, Better Men 

Mission: Passionate people engaging undeserved boys and men through holistic programs.

Core Values:

Accountability to stakeholders, funders, clients  







 Four Key Areas: 

Poverty Reduction 

Youth Empowerment 

Community Development 

Capacity Building for Effectiveness and Sustainability

All About Us

What Sets Us Apart

The organization was founded by Dr. Otisetimeyin “Oti” Esimaje and Dr. David Toby in 2006 and registered in 2008.

The idea for the foundation was sparked as they were both employed at the Port of Spain General Hospital. At the hospital they would encounter young males in the lower socio-economic bracket who desperately lacked career guidance and positive youth development. When they realized that men are central causes of many societal problems: and most institutions have barely made provision to address these issues. They  wondered what impact might be made if young adult men and fathers were immersed in the cultures of responsible fatherhood and entrepreneurship for a few hours a week, over a short 3-4  month period. What if they could be educated in parenting skills, life skills and business/  entrepreneurship skills. At that time, the vision for The Esimaje Foundation was born.

They created the first male centered organization; a space that promotes camaraderie and tools for success which includes positive male role models known as mentors .The mentors would be successful and respected figures who would offer guidance and inspiration for professional and personal growth.

School dropout rate 

151 primary school pupils dropped out of government schools in Trinidad between the beginning of 2020 and the end of 2022

 2,663 students dropped out of government secondary schools during 2020-2022 out of these 

The Port-of-Spain and environs district recorded 423 dropouts.


In a 2004 study, drop-outs during the primary education stage were male (16%); and , the main reason for dropping out of school was behavioural or family problems of one type or another.


In the year 2008 Trinidad had a crime rate of 41.61 per 100k citizens, a 39.26 % increase from the previous year. These crimes were intentional homicides.

 One study identified that from 2000 to 2006 the victims of homicidal crimes predominantly involved men between the ages of 15–24 (Agozino et al., 2009) while another highlighted that the age group 15–34 accounted for 64.8% of the murders in the country (Montoute and Anyanwu, 2009). 

Why We Do What We Do?

Schools involved in the different programmes :

We currently  actively serve :

Nelson Street Boys R.C School

Russell Latapy Secondary School

Malick Secondary School

South East Port of Spain Secondary School


We would have previously served within the following communities :

Morvant, Belle Vue/ Dibe  


Pinto Road,

La Romaine, 




Who is the programme for? Who can benefit from joining this programme? what you will benefit from joining the programme?

The programme is for marginalized fathers, boys and men from underserved  communities. 

The benefits to joining the program are access to a positive male role model i.e. mentor and access to parenting skills, life skills and business/  entrepreneurship skills programme which would increase quality of life.


The Young Farmers Club

The Young Farmers Club was established in 4 schools : Russell Latapy Secondary School

South East PoS Secondary School

Malick Secondary school .

  •  As a result of this teachers and students  were trained in production and marketing of goods. 

  • You Can Do It Too!

  • 100 Samsung Tablets distributed in 2020

  • 100% pass rate for boys needing to resit the Secondary Entrance Examination ,as a result of extra lessons and help from their mentor.

  • Over 200 Students active in after school programme 

  • Implemented WIFI at South East PoS Secondary School

  • Installed Projectors at Nelson Street Boys

  • Refurbished the Science Laboratory at Nelson Street Boys

  • Created a Sick Bay at Nelson Street Boys

  • Nelson Street Boys Book Nyammers Club 

  • South East PoS Literacy Programme 


*Down de islands field trip 

*Kite flying 

*Meet and greet 

*Emperor Valley Zoo field trip

*Pizza Party

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